5 in 1 Line HD


1. A set of characters and dices to choose from
2. 30 Seconds Time Limit to place a dice
3. Game will restart if dice not placed within 30 seconds
4. Engaging gameplay and pleasing graphics

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Puzzle games are a new way of combining challenge and excitement at a time. Our goal has always been to provide the best in everything. Our latest release “5 in 1 Line” puzzle game is here to entertain you throughout. The game is exciting and challenging at the same time.

This puzzle game will keep you hooked for a long time. 5 in 1 Line is a simple and straightforward game. Here you have arrange the dice either in a vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Play against the device or your friend, your strategy here is to win the game. Arrange the dice and beat your opponent within the given time. Apply your own strategy, place the dice and seize the opportunity. But watch out for the moves, your opponent can be equally smart as you are.

5 in 1 Line is an ideal game to kill your boredom. Have Fun!!!!