Browser App


1.Pre-defined Bookmarks
2.Unlimited new tabs for browsing
3.Option to change the text size and zoom
4.A list of functions such as New Tab, Bookmarks, Back, Forward, Bookmark this Page, Page Info, Share URL, Save Page & Image etc
5.Option to share URL on DropBox, Facebook, SMS, Gmail etc.
6.Switching between tabs in not available
7.Also under bookmarks, any number of URL’s can be saved and you can also check the history by days and most visited


Today, more than 50% of our daily work requires Internet. But we cannot retrieve all the necessary information without a web browser. A web browser is used to retrieve any sort of information from the World Wide Web.

“Browser” is our latest app to gain entry into the Android Market. What is Browser all about? Let’s check out the details.

Browser is similar to any web browser available with its own diverse functionalities.

With Browser app on your Android device, you can browse the web pages in a better and easy way.