Browser Plus


1. 3 search engines: Google,Yahoo and Bing 2. 6 tabs for browsing 3. 1 settings tab 4. Bookmarks 6. History capacity of 1000 URLs 7. Enable or disable “restores sessions” from settings page

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Tired of browsing with limited features…? Browser Plus is your ultimate solutions for all your browsing requirements.

Browser Plus is a web browser app which has standard UI and some great browser features that make this an incredible app. Browser Plus features 7 tabs accessible from the home page, 6 for browsing and 1 settings tab.

No other Browser application will give you the satisfaction of browsing like Browser Plus..!

What’s even better is, there are 3 search engines in the “settings” page. The search engine selected in the “settings” page will be the default search engine in all the 6 browsing tabs. You can store up to 1000 URLs and restore previous sessions.