Crazy Monkey


1. Fruits - Apple, Banana, Mango and Pomegranate. (Score 40 points each)
2. Panthers 1.Red Panthers 50 points Full force jump ->Green panthers 50 points Linear jump
3. Branches (Score 10 points)
4. Broken branches ( minus 50 points )
5. Balloon power - help to soar greater heights
6. Full force jump and the linear jump option, Moreover, this option helps Crazy Monkey with extra bounce, especially when he touches a panther
7. Linear force Jump - helps Crazy Monkey with quicker and faster power
8. Global Scoring

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As children, we all would have climbed trees, and in this way at some point grazed our hands and feet. Now here's a game which is all about that! 'Crazy Monkey!' Crazy Monkey is a unique game where sky is not even the limit.

The game is highly addictive as there is no vertical limit to it. Crazy Monkey is a game with beautiful graphics, different challenges and bonuses, and most importantly, it's about a Monkey! Now you all must be wondering who is Monkey? Monkey is a furry little monkey who loves jumping from tree to trees! You have to help the Monkey to attain heights by climbing up the canopies of the tree.

The game is to make the Monkey hold the strong branches and jump vertically. As it jumps to higher canopies, it can collect fruits to increase your points. There are challenges like broken branches, beware to adjust the tilt to hold the correct branches. There are advantages like touching the panther to activate Full force and Linear jump actions. These jumps are activated especially when Monkey stumbles across the sleeping panthers!

Balloon will help the Monkey to soar greater heights. The concept of this game is to help Monkey swing from one branch to another, using the accelerometer control in the iPhone and the iPad. However, like every game play, there are certain challenges which come along with bonus points.