1. The icon with + symbol will increase the length of the bar
2. The icon with - symbol will decrease the length of the bar
3. The normal Bar icon will make the bar to the normal size
4. Green Clock - Increases the speed of the bar
5. Red Clock - Decreases the speed of the bar
6. Star and Heart - Increases your Score
7. Magnet - Attract towards the bar
8. Question mark - Random power-ups
9. 20 Challenging level
10. 3 lives in each level


Amaze yourself with the explosive actions of breakout-style game and get your feet wet with this amazing game.

DX Ball game is all about breaking the brick. It has both touch and accelerometer control which makes it even more interesting while playing the game.

The objective of the game is to bounce the ball and break the bricks around the screen with the help of the bar. Points are scored as ball breaks the bricks.

While playing you are offered with the power ups in some of the bricks. Once all the bricks are destroyed, you move to the next level. If you fail to manage the ball on the screen for 3 times, you lose a lives.