Draw Floor Plan


1. Option provided for Draw with fill colors
2. Lock options provided for Images
3. Ability to rotate the objects on the work area
4. Re-sizable work sheet according to your need
5. Work on multiple work sheets simultaneously
6. Grid option will help you to organize the space effectively, on work sheet
7. Proper organization of shapes library into multiple genres will ease you to select relevant shapes instantly
8. Custom image or clip art can be uploaded instantly from you Photo Library
9. Ability to change background color or upload custom background image, customize grid size according to your need

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When it comes to floor planning of your dream house or want to have a layout of your new apartment, Draw Floor Plan is the best thing that can assist you.

This application is aim to those people who want to design their dream house and floor plans by themselves, its easy quick and effective with expandable categories and features. Instantly communicate your designs to your family, friends and Professionals with Draw Floor Plan.

Shapes Summary:

Core In this library you will have all basic shapes used like wall, different kinds of stairs, different kinds of doors and many more to list
Symbols In this library you can use all kinds of signs like road signs, safety signs, Public signs, etc
Office Layout In office layout you can use office furniture like chairs, conference table, electrical equipment's and many more
Living Room Living room Contains Essential furniture and Decorative items
Kitchen Kitchen has default items like gas, sink etc.
Bedroom It has default objects like bed, lamp, television, cabinets and many more
Bathroom Bathroom has usual stuff like bathtub toilet water heater
Electrical collection of basic electrical signs and shapes
Miscellaneous The items like piano, oven, study table are placed in this category

Your dream house Floor Plan is just one touch away.