Essentials Pro


1.Includes a collections of helpful apps 2.Easy to use and gives direct or instant access 3.Pretty handy when you are on travel

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You will find there are some essential apps, which are used Day-to-Day life. An Essential Pro is all about collection of “Must-have apps” in a single app.

Essential Pro is an incredibly helpful tool where you have “all in one” app like a Swiss knife developed for iPhone & iPad. It’s easy to use and gives direct or instant access to applications that are essential for your Daily Life, like City Guide, Alarm Clock, Worldwide Radio Streaming, Quick Notes, Audio Recorder etc. embedded in this application. It also includes Weather Informer, Consistent of World Clock, Currency Converter, Language Converter and many more apps which will be pretty handy when you are on travel. All these apps have been described below:

List of the apps in Essential Pro:

1. City Essentials: Simple full featured navigation app
2. Audio Recorder: Records your voice or any sounds
3. Radio: Radio Application streams world wide radio stations
4. Weather: Weather forecasting app for upcoming four days
5. Note: Make a quick note in one touch
6. Alarm: Features wide alarm with settings
7. Language converter: Translates text into different languages, world wide support
8. Currency converter: Convert world wide currencies
9. World clock: Monitors the Time World wide
10. Measurements: Unit Conversion app
11. Compass: Use your device as compass and find your way
12. Dumpy Level: This tool is used to check elevation or depression of the surface level
13. Date calculator: Calculate days or helps to find date or day for given date
14. Time converter: Helps in converting given timing into time zones of different country
15. Flash light: Turn Device screen into colored flash light
16. Battery: show you battery backup level and remaining stand by time
17. Secure Album: keeps all your photos and videos protected