Just Paint


1. Multipurpose utility app
2. Option to Draw, Paint, or Clip
3. Add or Delete Layer
4. Work on multiple layers

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“Just Paint” is a Graphic painting application, which will give you the power to put forth your creative ideas to take the desired shape. This multipurpose application has it all that is need to make a great painting application. It offers fast, innovative workflow and different exciting options to cater to your needs. Get the full freedom to email your creation from this application.

You can Draw, Paint, Clipping and it comes with many more interesting set of tools provided with the application.

Layer Functionality:
This application features the Layer functionality. Layer1 is always the default layer reserved for background image rendering. You can add up to 10 layers and you can bring in the creativity of your mind.

Add a series of layer by clicking on the “Add Layer”, use the tools to create your Painting. If you want to delete a layer, click “Delete Layer”. Work on multiple layers by hiding the current layer. Hide any layer by clicking the “Hide layer”.

1. Scroll to view all the hidden function at the bottom of the screen
2. Undo & Redo (limits - 15 counts)

Painting will be fun forever with “Just Paint” in your device!