Kiddy Art


1.Drawing tool
2.Painting tool
3.Multiple images to learn drawing
4.Kids can paint existing images
5.Designed for easy use
6.Teaches children drawing with step by step method
7.Background image and color can be changed
8.Pencil can be made visible/invisible just by tapping on it
9.Change Pencil thickness and color as needed
10.Undo Redo option
11.Save your kids drawing or painting
12.Share it with family and friends by email

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About Kiddy Art..!

If you are looking out for an App that your kids would enjoy to learn..then Kiddy Art is the answer. Kiddy Art is a guiding artistic launch pad for children of age 3 -10+. This is not just an application, but a teaching tool inviting your kids to bring out the hidden talents to creativity.

WHY KIDDY ART? You might have been helpless when your kids asked you to teach them how to draw an object or an animal, or when then they ask you how to paint and what is the next step? We have made an honest effort in collecting data on what kids would love, how they can learn and what will make them glued to it. Based on this ground work we have designed this app for your kids to learn the right thing the right way.

With the advancement of technologies and features like touch screen available on your iDevice, you will certainly harness the best possible way to teach your kids how to draw and paint. Kiddy Art teaches your children how to draw and paint colorfully, just like the way they draw on paper and canvas. It’s easy to use and we are sure that your kid will love this app.

Download Kiddy Art now and give your child a gift that will entertain and teach them how to draw. Invoke the artist within them and make them feel happy and you’ll feel good knowing that you’re providing your children with a drawing tool they’ll love to use.