Orange Polo


1. Tilt to roll the Orange on the defined pathway
2. Meet all fruits en-route
3. Guide the Orange to the destination without falling down into the forest
4. Destination will be active only after collecting the key
5. If an Orange falls down into the forest you will lose the game
6. The faster you meet the fruits, the higher you score
7. The points value of the fruits will start to decrease the moment the game is activated
8. There are 10 challenging levels
9. Integrated with Open Feint

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Orange Polo is beyond doubt a game for everyone. This game will pose plenty of challenges for players who want to build up their nimbleness, gaming strategy, competitive skills.

Roll the Orange on the pathway with the edges exposed to forest below. Slide the Orange on the defined paths and meet the other fruits en-route. Clear the level by sliding the Orange to reach the destination without falling deep into the forest.

As the level increases, you find that this game is unique in both strategy and dexterity.