Scramble Twist


1. 3 Game Levels Beginners, Intermediate, Expert
2. Jumbled set of numbers, shapes and images placed in 3 X 3, 4 X 4 and 5 X 5 grid
3. No Time Limit
4. Place the numbers in ascending order (1-8, 1-15 & 1-24)
5. Match the block of shapes with its respective color
6. Arrange the scrambled images to form a perfect image

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Puzzles are anytime fun to play isnt it? It is one of the best methods to practice and learn for brain training. It is also an enjoyable way for kids to improve their skills and test their knowledge of numbers, colors, shapes and images.

Here we present a simple yet amazing puzzle game to hone your skill.

Scramble Twist too is fun and challenging puzzle game. It is an ideal app for toddlers and adults alike to develop their logical thinking skills. It is an amazing way to keep everyone engaged for a long time.

The game objective is straightforward. All you got to do is place the jumbled numbers, shapes and images in an order. Though the logic looks simple, it will surely make your time fly.

Use your logical skills to complete this addicting numeric puzzle game with less number of moves. Whether your goal is to learn or have fun while playing, Scramble Twist is the game for you.

Have a great time solving this brain teasing puzzle game!!!

Feel free to post your ideas and suggestions. Thank you very much for all your support and interest in our games!