Shopping Planner


1. Default shopping list
2. Add/Delete items to the main shopping list and current shopping list
3. Option to choose the items from the main list
4. Uncheck items once purchased


Jotting down a huge list of items before going to the store and maintaining the list of what you need can be a pain on a regular basis.

Our latest app “Shopping Planner” will cut through the aisles and provide you with the best list. It's a complete shopping list tracker and also it is an easy to use shopping list app that can be used to create any number of shopping lists for your use at the store.

Shopping Planner provides many powerful features to handle all your needs with just few taps.

You can manage your groceries or anything for that matter by choosing from the big list of shopping items for purchase.

A simple shopping list productivity app designed to help you save time while at the store.