Super Calculator


1. Three categories: Algebra, Physics and Trigonometry
2. Many formulae which make your life easy
3. Easy to solve complex equations
4. Trigonometry: Get result either in Degreeís or Radian

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Super Calculator is for those who have no time to use pen and paper. If you need to save time and get accurate results, then Super Calculator will equate for you. No matter where, when and how...itís the simplest method to get your queries answered in no time.

Select categories from the library among Physics or Trigonometry or Algebra. There are many formulae for each category. Just select the equation and assign value for it and it will show the result. Super Calculator will calculate a numeric solution for your equation with the values you assign to variables.

Now you need not remember complex equations of Physics or Algebra or Trigonometry. Super Calculator will calculate such equations for you.

Go ahead and calculate....We are now sure you will love Mathematics more...!