To Do Checklist


1. Consists of 6 main default categories such as Dorm, Kitchen, Bathroom, Classroom, Clothes and Miscellaneous
2. Main category is further divided into various sub-categories. The sub-categories comprises of a list of things/items
3. The list of items/things under the sub-category can be edited by giving description
4. Items can be deleted from the sub-category
5. No other changes pertaining to Main Categories or Sub-Categories can be done


Do you find yourself missing deadlines? Or do you sometimes just forget to do something important? We forget to pack some important things while we plan for a short trip or while we are moving to a new place like a hostel.

So here is an app to ease your worries, “To Do Checklist”. To-Do Checklist consists of prioritized lists of tasks that you need to carry out. It lists everything that you have to do or pack.

This kind of app is essential if you're going to beat work overload, you'll be much better organized, and you'll be much more reliable. You'll experience less stress, as you don’t forget anything important.

You can use To-Do Checklist in different ways in different situations. One of the biggest benefits is the approach to manage your list of tasks and how you can update it easily.