Ultimate Fighters


1. 3D Shooter Game
2. 5 fun-filled levels
3. Use accelerometer to navigate
4. Move your finger across the screen to aim
5. Collect points by going over crystals
6. Three chances to finish a level

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Ultimate Fighter is the first 3D Shooter game. There are 5 fun filled levels, where the objective is to destroy the enemies/aliens, who have captured your snow-land territory (hence have gained points). You need to get their score to Zero to finish a level. This can be done either by killing enemies or by collecting crystals in the Game. Player can kill enemies with grenades. A max of 15 grenades can be held by a player. Beware aliens have flamethrower/grenades with them.

-Use accelerometer to navigate
-Move your finger across the screen to aim
-Press Throw button to throw grenades

-Reload grenades by going over grenade objects/icons
-Gain health by going over health objects/icons
-Collect points by going over crystals
-You have 3 chances to finish a level

When your health becomes zero, number of lives decreases and you'll be re-spawned at a random position, with full health/ammos.

When you see red splash in game, it means you're being hit by the enemies.

Initially, only Level 1 will be unlocked. You need to finish Level 1 to unlock Level 2 and so on.

In levels 4 and 5, there are teleports, where you can randomly spawn to another place, by just entering into them. Beware, there are no boundaries in these levels, you might fall off to the bottom world.

The game is finished, when all 5 levels are completed.