1. Exciting and challenging
2. Choose a lucky briefcase to try your luck
3. Suitable game for all age group

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iDeal not only looks great but it harmonizes the entire game-play experience. It also opens up a world of entertainment options: on one hand itís on your favorite device, on the other itís a complete package filled with lot of excitement and challenge.

Sadly we all are busy and have a hectic work life isnít it? No matter how hard we try to break into some refreshing time, it is tough to make a right choice.
iDeal is your right choice for a complete refreshing session, you will realize, it was not too hard to make a decision to download this app.

Itís time to iDeal on your iDevice..! Deal now and feel the destiny in your favor on your every move you make..!
Click to Select a lucky briefcase, wish for the least amount or best gift in itÖand get a chance to virtually win $1000000*, or Villa, or Car, Bike and other gifts.

The Fortune is just a click away..! Melt your worries away..Play iDeal..!

* All the money and prizes offered in this game is virtual and does not have any monetary benefit. This game is purely for entertainment purpose only.